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Dosage? Can we make it a higher dosage? Why did we choose 10mg?

  • Manzanita Naturals contains 10mg of THC per bottle. While we can and will make a 100mg drink for more frequent users, we chose 10mg as our baseline to ensure that all users will be able to drink, enjoy themselves, and function responsibly in a social setting where others are drinking light mixed drinks.


How is it made?

  • Our all-natural adult beverages are handcrafted by a team of brewmasters with over 40 years of combined beverage-making experience. Every time, no exceptions.


Where to find?

  • You can find Manzanita Naturals stockists, here!


Testing methods?

  • Our premium cannabis is CO2 extracted and rigorously tested to ensure that our drinks are always microbe- and pesticide-free. Two facts about the CO2 extraction process: using supercritical liquid CO2 for cannabis extraction eliminates any microbial bacteria, mold, or mildew that may be present in the plant. This guarantees that all concentrates are 100% pure and healthy for you to consume. In addition, CO2 is nontoxic and CO2 extraction does not contribute to carbon emission increases in our atmosphere. This helps us to ensure that our environmental impact remains at a minimum.


Do you offer bulk discounts?

  • Yes, we do offer bulk discounts on orders of four cases or more! To learn more about our bulk discounts and ordering process please contact us here!


Quillaja bark? What is that?

  • Quillaja bark is a natural, tree-derived substance native to Chile that serves as the key component in our non-conventional emulsifying method. Quillaja bark is what allows us to emulsify our premium THC naturally instead of using industry standard chemicals such as sodium benzoate.

What is the shelf life on our products?

  • Manzanita Naturals products can be kept fresh and refrigerated for approximately 1 year. Upon opening the bottle, we recommend drinking within a week for best taste.